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Concho is a small town in Apache County, Arizona.


In his book "Mormon Settlement in Arizona", James H. McClintock says that Bateman H. Wilhelm was the first of the Mormon setters to arrive in Concho in March of 1879.

Andrew Jenson, in the "Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", writes:

The Mexican town of Concho is quite old. In March, 1879, Bateman H. Wilhelm , a Latter-day Saint, settled 
among the Mexicans at Concho. He was followed by others and before the end of the year there were 30 souls 
belonging to the saints in the place, among whom were Jesse J. Brady and Wm. J. Flake, both Mormons, who 
purchased the main part of the valley in the spring of 1879. Brother Flake paid for his half interest eight 
cows, one mule, one set of harness and a set of blacksmith’s tools. Jesse J. Brady settled on the land purchased 
by Wm. J. Flake in 1879. George Killian and George G. Curtis, formerly residents of Brigham City, on the Little 
Colorado River, arrived at Concho August 7, 1879, and moved into empty houses in the Mexican town. The saints at 
Concho were organized as a branch of the Church, March 14, 1880, with Bateman H. Wilhelm as presiding Elder. He 
presided until September 26, 1880, when the Concho Branch was organized as a ward named Erastus with Sixtus E. 
Johnson as Bishop. 


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